About Cloudex

Cloudex Radiology Solutions represent a group of Radiologists and Medical Informatics team who provide a comprehensive teleradiology reporting and technical solutions to various public and private healthcare organizations in India. Our Radiologist Panel consist of eminent and experienced Radiologists with high proficiency in speciality reporting including neuro-radiology, muskulo-skeletal imaging , paediatric imaging and abdominal imaging. We guarantee strict Quality minimum turnaround time at affordable price.

We offer our Interpretation and reporting services on all medical Imaging Modalities such as X-Ray, CT scan, MRI and Mammography. With Cloudex Radiology Solutions, you no longer have to worry about over work flow and night hawk services. We provide the best possible patient care, no matter whether it is holiday, weekend or late night. Cloudex Radiology Solutions ensures international standards in reporting and radiology work flow.

Cloudex Radiology Solutions uses excellent technology which comply international standards such as DICOM and HIPAA. Thus it ensures no significant data loss or any breach in data security during image storage and transmission

Our Package includes
  • Radiology reporting/reading services from dedicated and high quality Radiologists.
  • High end DICOM compliant Cloud based software for the communication of medical images and its maintenance.
  • Setting protocols and trainings to the radiographers and Technologists at hospitals directly by the radiologists and our technical team
  • Phone call service with referring physicians regarding patient reports.
Other than the general benefits of teleradiology we give following value additions since our service is unique and comprehensive. They are,
  • Low TAT (Turn Around Time)
  • Sub speciality Reporting
  • Emergency coverage
  • Total Quality Management of each hospital ' s radiology department.
  • Complete involvement in patient care. We extend our phone call service by radiologists to discuss about each patients report with the respective physicians for their queries.
  • Training to the radiology staff in the department.
  • Implementing protocols to each imaging studies thus achieving high diagnostic quality Images and significantly decreasing radiation doses to patients.
Case of the Day

A 56-year-old woman was referred for evaluation for adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) - independent Cushing syndrome.